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The contract price of domestic TDI manufacturers maintains a stable state of mind

the contract price of domestic TDI manufacturers is stable, such as steel screwdriver, scraper or crowbar to remove the plastic stuck to the screw. The contract price of domestic TDI manufacturers was introduced, and the quotation of each manufacturer was basically maintained at about 22700 yuan/ton, which was the same as that of last week. Cangzhou Dahua 30000 T/a TDI device is shut down for maintenance, and 50000 T/a TDI device operates normally. China's market is still in the deep development stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, and the supply has decreased. At present, the inventory pressure of each manufacturer is small, the shipment is relatively smooth, the market confidence is stable, and the mentality is good

domestic market prices remain consolidated, traders' inventories are not large, their enthusiasm for shipping is not high, the transaction situation is general, and the market confidence is poor. However, by the middle and late of this week, due to the impact of the Guangzhou Asian Games on downstream manufacturers in South China, production may be reduced. Downstream manufacturers actively received goods to increase product supply before the Asian Games, so the market demand increased significantly compared with the previous period. Businesses in South China took this opportunity to significantly increase the market price of TDI. The price of non tax sources in South China rose to 23800 yuan/ton, and the business transaction decided that its material period increased more than before. Affected by the rising market prices in South China, the supply prices in East China and North China also increased by yuan/ton. Business transactions have rebounded, and confidence has improved compared with the previous period. At present, market participants generally believe that the upward trend of TDI market will remain, and the market price will not fall before the end of this month. However, due to the poor operation of downstream manufacturers and the impact of the national power restriction policy, the output of manufacturers has been reduced a lot. Although the current market demand has increased significantly, it is worth considering how long this market can last. It is suggested that buyers should not blindly receive large orders and focus on stability

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