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XCMG road customized for employees the cultural "package" of Christmas after cleaning with kerosene when the pendulum cannot be hung or the bolt cannot be removed.

XCMG road customized for employees the cultural "package" of Christmas.

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in addition,

December 2 carries all the systems of production, technology research and development, and all the technology flow teams. On Christmas Eve of the 4th, Relatively speaking, the road business department of XCMG road has specially ordered a Christmas gift for young employees - "a set meal of corporate culture of" cohesion, responsibility and win-win "

as the expansion and extension of the group's "XCMG I know best" knowledge competition, the activity provided a "cultural feast" for the grass-roots League branch secretaries, communication team leaders and corporate culture grass-roots administrators through the on-site award-winning answers to the knowledge in the experience hall and the group's internal trainer XCMG culture lecture hall

during the event, the group's brand and cultural development department also presented prizes to the winning young employees of the early "XCMG I know best" knowledge contest. Young employees have expressed that they should take XCMG culture as an incentive, actively give full play to the youth strength of their posts, and bravely shoulder the sacred mission of climbing Mount Everest

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