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XCMG road construction: sing the "1234" song and take the road to image improvement

XCMG road construction: sing the "1234" song and take the road to image improvement

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Guide: Recently, XCMG road construction company based on the overall image improvement work, fully sing the 1234 project. 1234 quot; The project includes one core, that is to highlight the shaping of the core values of the enterprise; Two unifications, namely unifying and standardizing the enterprise visual culture recognition system and employee behavior recognition system; Three key points, namely, in things

recently, XCMG road construction company, based on the overall image improvement work, fully sang the "1234" project. “1234 "The project includes one core of the touch key operation mode, that is, to highlight the shaping of the core values of the enterprise in this experiment; two unifications, that is, to unify and standardize the enterprise visual culture identification system and employee behavior identification system according to needs in the process of the experiment; three key points, that is, to form new breakthroughs in material culture, behavior culture and spiritual culture; four projects, that is, all staff training and education project, image construction project, and system Degree construction project, typical demonstration project

internalization in mind, whole staff training and image construction go hand in hand

combined with the overall work of establishing a learning enterprise, carry out systematic and targeted large-scale training and education for all staff. In a long period of time, through publicity and education, we will advocate the enterprise spirit and enterprise values, and inject significant cultural impetus into the development of the enterprise. Strengthen the construction of external image and systematically improve the company's material culture: according to the requirements of XCMG CI manual, complete the introduction of the company's Ci visual image system, advocate the beautification, purification and modernization of the working environment, production environment and living environment, establish and implement the "production site management measures", and further pay attention to the construction of cultural carriers and positions such as parks, clubs, networks, newspapers, televisions, book activity rooms in the plant area, Form a strong corporate culture construction atmosphere

solidified in the system, institutional constraints go hand in hand with typical guidance

implement the system construction project, and further reform and improve the enterprise's labor system, personnel system, distribution system, performance appraisal, incentive mechanism and other management systems, so that the management work can be institutionalized, programmed and standardized. Implement the typical demonstration project, organize all branches and teams to deeply excavate, cultivate and summarize the advanced models, grasp the spiritual essence of the road builders in the process of entrepreneurship, and compile it into the "record of the advanced deeds of road builders", making it an important textbook for the construction of enterprise culture. Vigorously publicize and commend advanced models, select and publicize excellent collective and individual models through activities such as "model worker style record" and "flash story, see the good and think of the good", reflect the cultural grade of the company through models, and there are few waste plastic recycling plants, so as to establish a good image of the company

externalization into action has imperceptibly become the conscious behavior of employees

carry out the theme activity of "everyone is an image". In accordance with the requirements of the company's corporate culture manual and the code of conduct for employees, educate and organize employees to reflect the demeanor of an advanced enterprise in their post operation, service provision, external exchanges and public places, consciously maintain the corporate image through internalization The promotion of solidification in the system stage makes the corporate culture truly rooted in the hearts of the people, imperceptibly affects the behavior of employees, further improves the external image of the company, improves work efficiency, and promotes the growth of the company's operating efficiency

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