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XCMG qay260a wind power dedicated all terrain crane unveiled at the new base

XCMG qay260a wind power dedicated all terrain crane unveiled at the new base

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Guide: June 25 is a landmark festival for XCMG. On this day, XCMG's all terrain crane, loader, concrete pumping machinery with the largest scale in the world, the most advanced technology and the strongest lean manufacturing capacity The four major bases of concrete mixing machinery were completed and put into operation in Xuzhou at the same time, marking the tenth anniversary of XCMG

June 25 is a landmark festival for XCMG. On this day, the four bases of XCMG's all terrain cranes, loaders, concrete pumping machinery and concrete mixing machinery, which are the largest in the world, the most advanced in technology and the strongest in lean manufacturing, were completed and put into operation in Xuzhou at the same time, marking a crucial industrial upgrading and strategic transformation of XCMG during the 12th Five Year Plan, It also further consolidated and consolidated Xuzhou's reputation as the "capital of China's construction machinery"

hundreds of people spent thousands of days and nights on research, which made XCMG based on serving all wind power customers from 2010 to Owens Corning. Today, XCMG has launched 800 ton, 1000 ton and 1200 ton all terrain cranes. So far, all members of XCMG family from 8 tons to 1000 tons of complete type spectrum have appeared

XCMG qay260a wind power dedicated all terrain crane unveiled in the new base

with the strong support of mature all terrain technology, it is used in qay to cut off the whole motor source in an emergency state; After the successful debut of the 800 wind power hoisting in Qingdao, XCMG made another awesome - qay260a all terrain crane. Qay260a all terrain crane is a wind powered all terrain crane upgraded and developed on the basis of qay260. It has greatly improved the boom length and lifting performance of the main boom, and has added an independent boom device for wind power hoisting approved by the State Intellectual Property Office, which is convenient for users to install and maintain under wind power conditions

lengthen the boom length, special for wind power

qay260a all terrain crane is specially customized for wind power maintenance, with the working condition of 62.8m main boom + 20m fixed jib, which is used for the maintenance of wind turbine units. In order to meet the special requirements of large shape, high space demand and installation conditions of wind turbines, XCMG qay260a has increased the independent boom head of 4.6m main boom to expand the hoisting space of boom head, effectively meeting the construction requirements. The independent arm head can be carried in short distance and low speed driving, which reduces the time of disassembly and assembly, and greatly improves the efficiency of transfer operation

strong power, cross-country pioneer

XCMG adopts four-axis drive and various driving control modes on the six axle chassis for the first time. The unique two axle is equipped with an off axle device to make the vehicle drive normally. 2.5.6 three axle drive, four axle drive when driving on muddy roads or mountain roads, effectively solves the problem of insufficient adhesion of the front axle, which is prone to skidding, adapts to various complex roads, and improves the trafficability of the whole vehicle

safety first, extremely reliable

solve the vibration of the transmission shaft during driving by optimizing the layout of the transmission system of the whole vehicle, adopting the through shaft with new structure and fixed mode, and reducing the included angle between the transmission shafts; Take the lead in realizing the comprehensive management of the braking system by using the service disc brake, equipped with the friction plate wear alarm device, and combined with the slow braking; For the first time, the special radiator for the transmission system is used in combination with the air cooling of the body to jointly heat the engine. The engine and gearbox are arranged on the side of the integrated radiator, and the hydraulic fan is used to drive the heat dissipation. In addition, an air suction fan is added in front of the engine to assist the heat dissipation of the engine and gearbox body, so as to solve the heat dissipation problem of the engine and ensure the safety and reliability of driving

over the years, XCMG has continuously proved that "technological innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development" through the successful development of new products. Qay260a, a special all terrain crane for wind power, will make intellectual contributions to the construction of national wind power energy. (XCMG)

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