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XCMG qay500 all terrain crane Liaoning Chemical Industry Construction Co., Ltd.

XCMG qay500 all terrain crane Liaoning Chemical Industry Construction Co., Ltd.

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at dawn, the sky is gradually breaking, the light blue sky is inlaid with several residual stars, and the hazy earth is like a silver gray veil. In Liaoning in July, when the morning wind blows, people will feel refreshed and refreshed. In this beautiful morning, the first ray of sunshine passed through the clouds and shone on the boom of XCMG qay500 all terrain crane, which officially kicked off a large-scale hoisting project

XCMG qay500 all terrain crane Liaoning chemical construction made new achievements

in a chemical plant in Liaoning, XCMG qay500 all terrain crane and quy650 crawler crane worked together to put the hydrogenation reactor with a total weight of 227 tons and a height of 56 meters in place smoothly

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for the chemical transformation project under construction, 2 is firmly centered on high-end, and the equipment entry and exit are troublesome, especially for the project in a narrow site. In the construction site of this 500 ton crane, after the hydrogenation reactor was placed, there was only a narrow space of 50 meters long and 12 meters wide on the site, and the 650 crawler crane stuffed the site into "nothing but pins". XCMG qay500 all terrain crane has 8 axles, with a total length of 21.5 meters and a body weight of 120 tons. Because six of the eight rows of wheels can be turned, this behemoth is very flexible in action and can adapt to various complex roads and construction environments. Therefore, although the site space is narrow, for the hoisting team, they have already made up their minds

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during the hoisting process, the wind force on the site has reached level 6, which is a severe test for large-scale hoisters at the beginning of home appliance product design, and requires the crane to have super micro motion and stability. All members of the hoisting team on site performed their respective duties and sank a foil rolling production line calmly. The most difficult part of this hoisting is to place the large tank of hydrogenation reactor. The large tank is located in the steel structure frame. The height of the large tank is 56 meters, and the total weight of the lifting appliance is 240 tons. During the lifting process, the large tank needs to be raised to a height of 15 meters, and various pipes that are only about 1 meter away from the tank body cannot be touched. When the load rate reaches 100%, the large tank is slowly lifted and accurately installed to the security point. It took only 20 minutes to complete the whole process at one go

cleaning and cleaning: some dust will inevitably be produced in the process of the experiment. The engineering director of the chemical plant said with a happy face: "When planning the project, we have done a lot of preliminary work. The reason why we choose XCMG crane is that since the listing of XCMG 500 ton all terrain crane in 2008, it has shown strong lifting capacity and stability in the construction of major projects. After all, the primary factor of this large lifting project is safety and stability. As a representative of China's construction machinery, especially the pioneer of super large tonnage cranes, XCMG undoubtedly has to choose it Choose XCMG. Today's hoisting task really surprised us. We didn't expect that the installation of the large tank was successfully completed in less than half an hour. XCMG must be the first choice for future engineering cooperation "

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