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The Strait International Hardware and Electromechanical market won the honorary title of "national hardware and electromechanical professional leading market"

on April 28, the 17th China commodity business market growth forum and the 2015 world commodity business market praise new year's Eve meeting stopped at Beijing Jingxi Hotel Changda. After winning the title of "the world's most potential market for investment" last year, the Strait International Hardware and electrical city was also honored as a national honor - "2015 world's leading professional market for hardware and electrical machinery". Fu Conglin, the company's managing director, and Hu feihui, the operation director, paid this honorary medal on behalf of the company

as the largest professional hardware and motor market in Haixi, since its completion and closure, Strait International has paid high attention to the support and growth of the market, bravely assumed the social main body, constantly innovated the growth concept, continued the perfect supporting services and integrity piecemeal support, and should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty, and strive to create a "reassuring", "innovative" and "smart" market, And will slowly form a brand market with great influence on Zhonghua hardware and electrical property! Obtaining so much reputation is not only the necessity for Strait International, but also the urge, encouragement and encouragement. It is the primary milestone on the growth path of the brand creation professional market of Strait International. It marks that Strait International has become a widely recognized and trusted professional market, and its comprehensive strength, innovation ability and industry position are fully guaranteed, revealing the prominent contribution and industry leading role of Strait International in the field of hardware and motor property

in this forum, Fu Conglin, the executive vice president of the hardware and electrical machinery chamber of Commerce of the World Federation of industry and commerce, stepped down as a guest of honor, stopped talking, sharing and answering questions with relevant leaders, experts, scholars and industry insiders, and made a deep and detailed introduction to the company's projects and industry growth and shared successful experience. Leaders, experts, scholars and industry insiders highly recognize and praise the innovative surface structure forming concept of the project, thinking that the market has affected all hardware and electricity, avoiding the growth process of the industry due to loose parts in the process of material experiment, and advancing the professional market of China hardware and electricity to a new level. One (300 ± 30) mm should be opened at the back of the top of the box × (1000 ± 100) mm air outlet height

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