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Wo store officially announced that the competition among the three major operators' app stores is intensifying

on November 10, China Unicom's App Store - Wo store will be officially released in Shanghai today, and China Unicom chairman Chang Xiaobing, general manager Lu Yimin and relevant Shanghai leaders will attend the press conference

with the official release of Unicom Wo store, together with Chinatelecom Tianyi space and China Mobile mm mobile application store, the layout of China's three major operators in the field of mobile application store has been established, and a competition for 3G users and content applications has officially begun

Unicom Wo store adopts the characteristic payment mode of "Wo account"

Unicom Wo store, as the last participant in the "Three Kingdoms kill" chess game, takes a differentiated path in billing and payment mode. Unlike China Mobile mobilemarket and Chinatelecom's Tianyi space, which charges by deducting fees, users will automatically register the "Wo account", an intermediate account, when registering in the store, and can bind phone payment or Alipay, TenPay and other first-class accounts The measurement and control system (i.e. software and hardware) of the electronic tensile testing machine is a three-party payment tool, and the intermediate account can be recharged through one card and bank card

in terms of content, as of 1 a.m. on November 10, Unicom Wo store had 2374 applications, which are divided into six categories: 384 game applications, 69 tool applications, 21 entertainment applications, 889 theme applications, 102 life applications, and 909 reading applications

it is reported that at present, the applications in Wo store are mainly free, and a few are paid applications. The price range of application download is between yuan, and the charging mode of charging per download is adopted. As for the charging strategy after official commercial use, Li Gang, senior vice president of China Unicom, once revealed to Sohu it that there will be a period of experience after the official launch of Wo store. During the experience period, users can download related applications for free, and can recommend and give a tool to friends through text messages or on-site messages

in terms of adaptation, Wal Mart store has supported 19 brands, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, blackberry, Motorola, Lenovo, Coolpad, ZTE, HTC, Amoi, LG, Meizu, Panasonic, Tianyu, Huawei, and nearly 650 mission solid models

the layout of the operator's application store is clear, and the market competition tests the comprehensive strength

among the three major domestic operators, China Mobile launched the mobile mm application store in August 2009. At first, only 1218 applications were launched. Nearly 10 months after the launch, the total number of MM products on the shelves reached 19897, an increase of more than 16 times. As of October 31, 2010, the cumulative number of MM downloads of China Mobile has reached 59.61 million, and the cumulative number of registered users has reached 25.39 million

at present, the tariffs of China Mobile mm applications are mainly concentrated in the four ranges of free, yuan, yuan and yuan, accounting for 93%. Among them, free applications account for 5.51%, while meta interval applications are basically theme applications. In addition, the average price of applications is 1.1 yuan, and the highest average price is games (4.5 yuan), followed by software (1.6 yuan) and themes (0.5 yuan)

Chinatelecom Tianyi space was released on March 17 this year and officially launched in June. In terms of facing users and developers, it has created the "front store and back factory" operation mode: ordinary users purchase and download applications through the "front store" of Tianyi space, while the "back factory" Tianyi application factory supports the "front store" by providing developers with development resources, services, testing, sales support and other applications

as of October 1, 2010, Tianyi space had more than 500000 users, including 250000 new users in September; 4050 applications have been launched, with a cumulative download volume of more than 3.2 million times. At present, the daily download volume has exceeded 20000 times/day, including more than 800000 downloads in September

insiders said that in the 3G era, where content and application are the king, operators are unwilling to play the role of channel. They are trying their best to integrate resources, lay out resource platforms such as application stores, and strive for the voice of mobile Internet. The competition of mobile Internet will be the comprehensive competition of all parties in the industrial chain in content, application, terminal, network, service, ecosystem and other aspects, which will be a big test for the three operators. With the official launch of Unicom Wo store, the layout of the three major operators in the field of mobile application store has been determined, and a competition for 3G users and content applications has officially begun. Sohu it

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