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Stora Enso has been selected into the Dow Jones Stoxx sustainability index for 9 consecutive years, and it is the only European forest and paper company ranked in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). Stora Enso received the highest scores in the industry in terms of climate strategy, environmental reporting and management, and the ecological efficiency of the company's operations, which must also be understood by public and private users

DJSI members in

have been announced recently. DJSI Stoxx includes 154 European companies from 14 countries

Kang Youkun, CEO of Stora Enso, said: we have been selected into the highly respected Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the ninth time. This ability clearly proves that our long-term sustainable development efforts have been widely recognized. We are making unremitting efforts to achieve improvement. Being selected into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, together with our other four corporate related memberships, has built a strong platform for us to continue to achieve progress

Dow Jones Sustainability index is the first global index to track the financial performance of leading sustainable development companies. The index selects finalists based on the company's economic, environmental and social performance, and provides investors with a reliable and objective benchmark to manage their sustainable development assets

Stora Enso's sustainable development work is also recognized by the following rankings and indexes:

the world's top 100 sustainable development companies with the lowest entry threshold

Stora Enso is regarded as the best company of its kind in the forest paper product industry in terms of managing environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities. The top 100 companies with the most sustainable development in the world were jointly sponsored by corporate Knights Inc. and Innovest strategic value advisors Inc. in 2005. The 100 companies with the best performance in sustainable development were selected from about 1800 publicly listed companies in the MSCI global index

FTSE social index

Stora Enso has been selected into the FTSE4Good index since 2001. FTSE social index is used to measure the performance of Companies in compliance with globally recognized corporate standards and help investors identify these companies. The index focuses on environmental management, human and labour rights, supply chain labour standards and anti-corruption efforts

climate announcement leading position index

Stora Enso ranks top three among carbon intensive companies in northern Europe, and is the best forest paper product company in northern Europe. Carbon announcement program (CDP) is an independent non-profit organization supported by more than 385 institutional investors with total assets under management of $57trillion worldwide. The organization collects information on the risks and opportunities of discrete small businesses related to the company's greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, and formulates standards for carbon announcement methods and processes

Stora Enso, the world's most ethical business enterprise, has been selected as one of the most ethical business enterprises of 2009 by the Ethisphere Institute. The shortlisted companies are committed to researching, creating and sharing best practices in ethics, compliance and corporate governance

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