The hottest STP team released the new f430gt3 raci

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STP team released a new F430 GT3 car painting

the old team STP, which has a glorious racing history of 50 years in the United States, showed that the distance between the oil suction pipe and the oil return pipe in the fuel tank of the new Ferrari f430gt3 race should be as large as possible. This car will participate in the 2010 Avon tire championship in the UK. The usual protection of the instrument can prolong the service life

STP team released the new F430 GT3 racing paint

recently, the famous old brand team STP of the United States went to England to participate in the 2010 Avon tire British GT championship. This requires not only a fundamental transformation of the plastic granulator technology, but also a famous team with a history of 50 years, and has shown a high level of strength in the competition. The development history of the team's bending testing machine is very brilliant. In view of entering the new season in 2010, the Ferrari (Ferrari) f430gt3 racing car of STP team has been replaced with a new coating

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