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Remember that the 2020 Nanfang pump is not a fun sports meeting with high price and high equipment quality. The fun sports meeting is a new interesting training activity integrating competition, entertainment and fitness. In order to enrich employees' hobbies and life, better show employees' style and healthy, progressive and energetic spirit, improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of Nanfang pump team, and stimulate employees' teamwork The

fun games, which will always strive for the first place, is a brand-new fun training activity integrating competition, entertainment, fitness and other aspects. In order to enrich employees' hobbies and life, better show employees' style and healthy, progressive and energetic spirit, improve the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the South Pump Group, and stimulate employees' team cooperation and the spirit of always striving for the first place, Nanfang pump deep well pump factory organized an interesting sports meeting with Renhe street for all employees

the activity began at 13:00 p.m. on November 21 at the warehouse area of building 7 in Renhe factory. The contestants participated in the competition as a group, and each team was required to be composed of one woman and four men. The published application form was finally summarized to 13 teams from all branches and subsidiaries, with a total of 65 participants. The preparatory work was completed, and the activity team provided by the street organized the site layout and activities on November 21

the staff continued to remit, and started at 13:00 p.m. on time. After a simple team integration and rule explanation, they came to the team style display session. Each team needs to name its own team within 5 minutes and design its own slogan for display. Team members brainstormed, and the names and slogans they took out were also creative. After a display, the warm-up activities before the competition will be carried out. Led by the host, the scene will be neat and tidy, and everyone will be ready to better participate in the competition. After the warm-up, we started today's main competitive link. Due to the large number of participating teams, in order to save time, three of the four activities will be carried out at the same time. The teams will participate in the lottery. Group A will go to the "smart Hanoi Tower", group B will go to the "tank war", and group C will go to the "football player". Each activity will be divided into 4 to 5 teams. Only when all teams are completed in one competition can they enter the next one, forming a cycle chain that bears the brunt of the paint industry, Until all three activities are completed

"smart Hanoi Tower" pays more attention to the consideration of logic and brain power in all projects. In short, it is necessary to move the four disordered circles to the far right in the form of small ones above the large ones all the time. Without certain research, it will take the most time. This situation occurred in the first group of games, making a large gap in time with other teams. "Tank battle" and "football player" are a competition of team cooperation and speed. "Tank battle" requires one person to sit above the inflatable pad and throw the ball into the frame, while the remaining four members need to transport the ball to the front of the frame and pull back to the origin in time. "Football player" is the relay of members to transport the ball back and forth

the competition was fierce on the field, and each team took the momentum to fight for the first place on the field. One and a half hours passed unconsciously, and the first competition came to an end. When the logistics personnel counted the scores, the host began to introduce the rules of tug of war. The 13 teams were divided into six groups, one group was directly promoted, and the seven winning teams were divided into three groups. There was still one group directly promoted. In the cheers of the surrounding people, the last four groups competed in pairs to determine the top three

at the end of the two competitions, the final score was counted. The railway guerrilla from the marketing center won the third place in the group, while the five babies from the deep well pump factory and the unswept team from the pipeline pump factory had the same score. Please fill oil at the oil cup. A temporary extra match was held on the scene. The activity was set to split the total leg length of five people. The fierce competition ended, and finally the pipeline pump factory team won the first place, Deep well pump factory ranks second

the whole event ended at 15:20 p.m., and the fierce competition on the field turned into a lot of laughter at the end. Each team showed their style and level in the process of the game, reflecting the spirit of teamwork. At the end, photos freeze many wonderful moments, and the interesting sports meeting also came to a perfect end

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