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Store Enso will start the modernization reconstruction project

that is, for customers, store Enso will permanently close the production line of folded cardboard and pasted cardboard in the cardboard factory in Wisconsin Rapids, close the light coating machine in Biron factory, and invest 50million US dollars to carry out the modernization reconstruction for a period of two years

this investment plan involves the expansion of No. 26 light coating machine in Biron factory and No. 64 light coating machine in whiting factory, as well as the thermal grinding mechanical pulp plant located in port Hawkesbury factory in Canada

the investment in the No. 26 light coating machine of Biron factory will improve its production efficiency and the speed of the paper machine. And make it more competitive in today's global paper industry. In addition, the annual production capacity of the paper machine will also be improved. The reconstruction of the paper machine is expected to be completed in 2003. At the same time, the smallest 23 light coating machine in Biron plant will be permanently closed, which will reduce the annual capacity of light coating paper of the plant by about 50000 tons. Due to the low efficiency of the paper machine and the sluggish demand for products, the maximum load that can be broken to replace the load at the cracking point to calculate the fracture toughness K1C has been discontinued since March last year, so the closure of shoes this time will not have an impact on the contemporary hot-selling industry

stora ENSO North America's No. 64 light coating machine in whiting factory will be installed with a new rewinder, which will improve the quality of paper and further enhance the competitiveness of the machine

the chairman of Stora Enso North America said: the company improves production efficiency through prudent investment and asset management, and the pursuit of quality will continue. The plant closure and asset investment measures will strengthen their competitiveness in the North American market, which is the first step towards more efficient and high-quality development of coated magazine paper business

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