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Discussion on the design of polystyrene foam cushioning packaging for dishwashers III

3.2 comparison of drop test between foam and air cushion cushioning packaging

drop test is used to simulate the impact experienced by the product packaging system in the logistics process. During the test, the package falls from a certain height without damaging the internal products, that is, it falls without exceeding the brittleness value, so as to ensure that the protective function of the package to the products is not damaged

using y5212 Ⅱ/zf drop test machine, acceleration sensor, YE5850 charge amplifier and data acquisition and analysis system, the drop test with a height of 460mm is carried out on six sides of the package in turn, and the corresponding peak acceleration values of each side are collected

the test results are shown in Figure 6:

the investment scope can be large or small.

because the foam packaging adopts left-right structure, and the actual thickness of foam is smaller than that calculated by theory, there is no sufficient buffer function, so the falling effect of foam air cushion is poor. When the foam falls on the second and fourth sides, the peak acceleration is significantly greater than that on the other sides. The reason is: when the dishwasher falls, because its shell is a deformable iron sheet, which has a certain buffer effect. The front door connected with the iron sheet is a thick plastic product, and the deformation of the plastic is very small. It can be approximated that the rigid body has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, ordnance, naval ships and other high-tech and ordnance fields. When the left and right sides of the dishwasher fall, it just falls on the rigid body, In addition, the foam has poor cushioning effect due to its small thickness, so the peak acceleration is greater than that of other surfaces. At the front door opening, the upper part is a sliding door, and the lower part is a control panel. There is a centimeter wide gap between the two. The plastic here is thin and has a certain cushioning effect, so the peak acceleration when falling is not very large. Compared with foamed plastic, the peak value of the air cushion plus the speed of ensuring that the tested material can be fixed on the equipment is significantly smaller, which shows that the fall resistance of the air cushion is better than that of foamed plastic, which plays a good protective role for the product

according to the relevant standards, the drop test of one corner and three edges of the flexible packaging should also be carried out. Since the customer did not do this requirement, this test was not carried out

4 conclusion

4.1 advantages

(1) air cushion is similar to tangent buffer material, which can be compared with linear elastic material

(2) the cushioning effect of air cushion varies with the area of monomer and the amount of inflation

(3) using air cushion for vibration and drop test has its own unique advantages compared with foamed plastic, and has good resilience and ideal cushioning effect

(4) on the whole, its price is low and its production is simple. It is very suitable for the cushioning packaging of small and medium-sized products and can partially or completely replace foamed plastics

(5) the air cushion takes up less space, and it can only be inflated when packaging is required, which saves a lot of storage space than foam plastic

at present, Japan has entered the industrial production of air pads, and Taiwan also has relevant equipment for the production of air pads. In the near future, air cushioning will become a highlight of cushioning packaging technology, which should attract our attention and be applied rapidly

4.2 problems and deficiencies

(1) a variety of related materials should be widely tested, such as nylon and other composite materials for buffer packaging test and analysis, and it is certain that the performance of many materials is better than the materials we use in the test

(2) it is necessary to further test and determine the relationship between air pressure and monomer K value

(3) we should explore industrial production

(4) due to the given size of the outer packing box, the thickness of the cushion is too small, which makes it difficult to meet the requirements of the fatigue test of rubber elastomer

(text/Tianjin University of science and technology, Liu Zhansheng, song Haiyan, Li Guang, Liu Gong)

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