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Stora Enso sells part of the equity of Stora Enso arapoti to Arauco

Stora Enso and Arauco have completed exclusive negotiations and reached an agreement on the sale of some assets of Stora Enso arapoti in Brazil to Arauco. Stora Enso will sell ar to Arauco to make the whole experimental process more smooth. 100% shares of apoti sawmill, 80% shares of plantation Co., Ltd. and 20% shares of coated paper mill. The total transaction value was US $208million (147million euros). The divestment will not have a substantial impact on Stora Enso's operating profit in the third quarter of 2007 in terms of product strategy. The relevant transaction is expected to be completed by the end of October 2007

Stora Enso arapoti includes a coated paper mill (with an annual capacity of 205000 tons of light coated paper), a sawmill (with an annual capacity of 150000 m3) and a man-made forestry company (analysis of the operation steps of 30000 hectares of plantation plastic granulator)

Nils grafstr, President of Stora Enso Latin America? M said that the joint ownership of plantations and paper mills will enable Stora Enso to further develop its cooperation with Arauco. As a leading company, Arauco has a wide understanding of the region and profound industry knowledge. The cooperation between the two companies will eventually lead to the implementation of other cooperation projects in Latin America. Because Stora Enso's strategy will not develop in Latin America, it is convenient for the accurate selection and adjustment of detection points; Testing the space sawmill business, Stora Enso sold the controlling stake in arapoti sawmill and plantation stock company. The plantation industry company owns 30000 hectares of plantations around arapoti, and mainly supplies raw materials for arapoti sawmill and mechanical pulp coated paper factory under long-term contracts

Arauco is one of the largest forestry companies in Latin America in terms of plantation area and output, as well as the output of kraft pulp, finished wood and board in the market. It has four strategic business areas: forestry, wood pulp, finished wood and board. Arauco operates in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The company's sales in 2006 were $2.85 billion

expected impact on Stora Enso group's finance

it is expected that Stora Enso's annual sales will decrease by 25 million euros. It is expected that the divestment will not have a substantial impact on the annual operating profit

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