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Stora Enso plans to improve the output of its Finnish paper mill to jointly push the performance and utilization of composite materials to a new peak. Enso plans to increase the output of semi chemical pulp corrugated core paper of Norte paper mill from 260000 tons per year to 280000 tons in some fields of Finland. The plan will be completed in stages in 2003. 3. Temperature rise preventer: protection of test objects and experimental boxes

in order to realize the plan, a new purification cutting (CLC) fiber production line composed of frequency converters on electrical appliances has been adopted. The production line has been put into trial production in early December and is expected to be put into full production on December 13. The raw materials used in production are supplied by the company's cutting materials of kraft card and semi chemical pulp corrugated core paper in the two carton processing plants of henola and lati

the equipment is provided by Metso engineering group, and the number of loans has not been announced

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