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Guangzhou automobile industry story meeting recalls the extraordinary years of reform and opening up

Guangzhou automobile industry story meeting golden hair dryer shell made of spray free material recalls the extraordinary years of reform and opening up

Information Times News (Cheng Xiaozhen intern Wu Wenjing, correspondent Sui waixuan) on the evening of the 14th, Guangzhou automobile industry story meeting was held in Guangzhou international media port, With the theme of "a new era on the wheel - the story of Guangzhou auto industry with reform and opening up", the story will feature a "time wheel affectionate advertisement", "endless emotional advertisement" and "space-time dialogue" with keynote speeches, sharing dialogues, etc., which will recall the history of GAC in a three-dimensional way and show the growth story of Chinese cars

"in 1978, we could only ride bicycles, and when we got married, we bought a few bicycles as wedding cars, which was already very good. In 1982, I spent a lot of time buying a motorcycle and got a motorcycle driver's license. At that time, I was shocked by the working conditions of Jinan test gold low-temperature tank, driving my motorcycle with a roar, which made me feel majestic. Now the streets are full of cars..." five generations of GAC people who were active in different positions, from the post-50s to the post-90s, They talked about their development with Guangzhou automobile. They witnessed the changes of Guangzhou automobile from scratch and gradually become bigger and stronger

it is revealed that from next year, GAC will intensively launch pure electric vehicle series products at the rate of one model every six months. It is estimated that by 2020, the meaning of "innovation" understood by the manufacturers of new energy automotive plastic film blowing machines, vehicle products will account for 10% of the group's total vehicle production and sales scale; By the end of next year, the L3 level autonomous vehicle independently developed by GAC will be mass produced, and fully self driving to find and solve problems is expected to be realized after 2025

it is reported that in the future, GAC group will strive to enter the world's top 100 enterprises in 2027; In 2037, it will become a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness

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