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With the great improvement of China's scientific and technological level and comprehensive national strength, hydraulic resources play a more and more important role in the national economic construction. China has also increased investment in the construction of water conservancy projects, and the rational and full use of hydraulic resources is becoming more and more important. As an indispensable part of the mobilization of water resources, pump stations, The importance of automatic transformation of pump station is particularly prominent

located in Wenrui plain, Wenzhou Oujiang Fanshui station mainly provides industrial and agricultural production and domestic water for urban residents in three districts and one city (Lucheng District, Ouhai District, Longwan District, Rui'an City) of Wenrui plain. It plays a very important role in the economic development of Wenzhou

in order to better carry out reasonable and effective maintenance in the station of Wenzhou Oujiang water diversion station, better improve the efficiency of the pump station and reduce the work intensity of the staff in the station, its computer monitoring system has entered the formal operation stage after a series of full discussions and debugging based on the extensive opinions of experts and its own characteristics. After two years of operation, its safety and reliability have been further verified

1 system structure

the computer monitoring system of Wenzhou Oujiang water diversion station mainly consists of the following parts (see the system structure diagram):

I. analog screen monitoring system: it can visually display the main working status in the station and the important parameters of each unit through the digital tube

II. Excitation system: realize the automatic regulation of active power and reactive power through the communication port provided by its excitation system

III. temperature monitoring system: the temperature inspection device developed by Nari automatic control company is used to monitor the temperature of each part of each unit in the station

IV. image monitoring system: it is an independent video monitoring system, which can monitor the main places in the station in real time, and plays an important role in the safety management in the station

v. AC acquisition system: it is responsible for collecting the active power, reactive power, frequency, power factor and other important parameters of the unit and all parts of the line

VI. microcomputer automatic control system: Schneider PLC module widely used in the world is used to collect the switch status and other main parameters in the station. It can realize the purpose of operation and control independently

several main components in the station realize the organic combination of various systems through network connection and serial port communication, and collectively reflect the data information of each unit into the industrial computer of the microcomputer monitoring system in the central control room, so as to realize the monitoring and monitoring function of various system parameters in the station, which really makes the operator on duty achieve a clear effect at a glance and well meets the needs of practical application

at the same time, the monitoring system is designed to set up two factory director servers through network communication. The station managers can observe the current situation in real time through any server, query historical data and understand the main working process in each operation, so as to achieve the timely coordination of pumping tasks in the station and the functional scheduling of overload protection

in addition, the computer monitoring system of Wenzhou Oujiang water diversion station takes full account of the needs of the station in the design and implementation of the project, and realizes the function of three-level operation protection, which can ensure the abnormal handling and operation maintenance in the station, and is conducive to the gradual adaptation of operators to the new generation of computer monitoring system

2. Use of software

the computer monitoring system software of Wenzhou Oujiang water diversion station is a new generation of computer monitoring system based on Windows NT for the automatic monitoring system of hydropower stations, gates and pumping stations, which complies with tcp/ip, SQL, ODBC, IEC and other international standards. The main application software includes: VC6.0, office2000, sql7.0, EC2000, which not only expands the types of 3D printing materials, but also increases the design and processing freedom of thermosetting materials? Monitoring system software and pl7 (Schneider PLC application software)

3. System function

3.1 data collection

through each field collection unit and intelligent device in the station, according to different communication protocols, the data in the station is reflected to the computer monitoring interface in real time through the network and RS485 communication line, and then the main electrical quantities and station status are visually reflected to the simulation screen through the computer

3.2 human machine interface

through the switching of main pictures, it can intuitively reflect the working situation in the station on the computer, and its pictures can link various dynamic pictures, which has a strong and impressive effect

3.3 statistics and calculation function

since Oujiang water diversion station is specially responsible for supplying water to Wenzhou waterworks company, an accurate data is needed for the water supply volume. EC2000 records the unit operation time of each day, month and year through this lever loading system, which is composed of a lever system. At the same time, it calculates the cumulative water supply volume of each day, month and year through software programming, and calculates the pumping efficiency in the station, It provides a valuable reference data for the staff in the station

3.4 control function

the computer monitoring system of Oujiang water diversion station can realize the start and stop of the unit, the automatic control of the auxiliary system, the on-off control of 35kV, the on-off control of 6kV, the control of the station transformer in the station, and the automatic protection control of the local PLC control unit. The main industrial control computer organically combines the control units in the station, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the staff

3.4 PID control regulation

the computer monitoring system of Oujiang water diversion station can be connected with the excitation through communication, according to the set L) overload protection: when the load exceeds 10% of the rated value, it will be shut down for protection; The closed-loop adjustment of motor parameters to the active power and power factor of each unit can easily and intuitively meet the needs of operators

4. Analysis of main problems and solutions

the computer monitoring system of Wenzhou Oujiang water diversion station mainly encountered several practical problems in the process of project implementation and maintenance

first of all, there are two schemes in the control link: full-automatic control and semi-automatic control. Because the water intake of Oujiang water turning station is located in the Oujiang area of Wenzhou City, the water level of Oujiang River will change with the change of sea tide, and its head will also change with it. The change range of head is relatively large, and when the water level reaches a certain water level, its control process

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