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Zoomlion "earthquake relief staff love fund-raising activities" documentary

Zoomlion "earthquake relief staff love fund-raising activities" documentary

move the weight to the required experimental force position. China Construction Machinery Information

Guide: the disaster is merciless, there is love in the world. The documentary of Zoomlion earthquake relief staff love fund-raising activities at 14:28 on May 12 avoids the influence of rust and the bonding of samples in the future; And the size of the loading block should be customized according to the size of the sample; The dial indicator was installed to measure the displacement change of the sample during the experiment. A sudden strong earthquake of magnitude 7.8 hit Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province. In an instant, houses were destroyed, countless lives were at stake, and the lives of the people in the disaster area were in danger

-- the documentary of Zoomlion's "charity fund-raising activities for earthquake relief workers"

at 14:00 on May 12, the sudden magnitude 7.8 strong earthquake hit Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province. In an instant, houses were destroyed and countless lives were at stake. The safety of the people in the disaster area affected the heartstrings of every employee of Zoomlion

Therefore, we should vigorously develop the industry of new medical materials and medical implantable devices

in order to actively respond to the call of the CPC Central Committee to advocate "one party has difficulties, and all parties support", Zoomlion quickly mobilized disaster relief equipment to rush to the hardest hit areas, and hundreds of machine operators, engineers and volunteers joined the front line of earthquake relief and disaster relief

employees who cannot go to the scene pay attention to the latest developments in the disaster area through newspapers, networks, television, radio and other media, and feel the suffering of the affected compatriots. When we see the injured people and their helpless eyes on TV, our hearts are closely linked with the people in the disaster areas

at 4:00 p.m. on May 15, in order to continue to carry forward the traditional virtue of helping the needy and the national spirit of sincere unity, and actively support the earthquake relief in Sichuan, at the call of the company's Party committee, Zoomlion Heavy science and Technology Park and Lugu Industrial Park held "charity donation activities for earthquake relief workers" at the same time. At the main venue of the Science Park, chairman Zhan Chunxin was the first to make donations, which opened the prelude to this event. Wang Chunyang, the chief engineer who led the rescue commando team to Chengdu, was informed of the activity and entrusted Gao Tong, the Secretary of the Party committee of the company, to donate money on behalf of him. With the melodious music of "dedication of love" on site, thousands of employees came forward in turn to offer love, and a warm stream of love surged in everyone's heart

there is a long dragon in front of the donation box

the fundraising site

chairman Zhan Chunxin is the first to walk to the donation box

the staff of Zoomlion set up a neat square in front of the donation box

later, Zoomlion branches across the country will hold donation activities in succession, and will hand over the donations to relevant institutions at the first time, hoping to make modest contributions to the rescue and post disaster reconstruction of the disaster areas. We believe that these donations, full of the love of all Zoomlion employees, will bring the courage and strength to our compatriots in the disaster to rebuild their homes in the ruins

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