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The daily power generation reached a new high, and the inventory of power coal in many places is in urgent need.

we should actively recycle waste plastics and make them into printing materials. The recent low-temperature rain and snow weather has made the national daily power generation hit a record high in winter, and Hunan, Hubei, Liaoning and other places have successively set the highest record of power load. In this context, power supply is limited in many places. Recently, the four major power generation groups jointly wrote to the national development and Reform Commission, saying that the situation of ensuring the supply of electricity and coal is severe, and the number of days of inventory availability of some power plants has been lower than the 7-day warning level

experts believe that the shortage of thermal coal inventory at the beginning of this year is mainly due to two factors: first, affected by rain and snow, there is a strong demand for electricity and heating, while the railway transport capacity is limited; On the other hand, coal prices have continued to rise recently, resulting in high power plant costs. The contradiction between "market coal" and "planned electricity" remains to be solved

daily power generation reached a new high

according to the national power dispatching and control center, since the beginning of winter, the national average daily power generation has reached 19.129 billion kwh, with a maximum daily power generation of 20.1 billion kwh, an increase of 15% over the maximum value of last winter, a record high

previously, the electricity load of the northeast and northwest regions of the State Grid Corporation of China and the nine provincial-level electricity loads of Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Liaoning, etc. successively hit a record high. Affected by low-temperature cold wave, power coal supply and other factors, power supply in Hebei, Jiangsu, Henan, Hunan, Jiangxi and other provinces is tight. In order to cope with the impending power supply gap, Hunan, Hubei and other places have successively launched orderly power consumption measures

according to Jiangxi electric power company, the current power supply situation in Jiangxi is severe. From January 27, under the unified deployment of Jiangxi Provincial Energy Bureau, Jiangxi officially implemented the orderly power consumption plan according to the 1million kW power supply gap. According to Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd., affected by this round of heavy snowfall, the local heating power load continues to rise, and the power gap in the province is more than 1.6 million KW. Hubei electric power has launched measures to use electricity in an orderly manner

on January 25, the maximum power load of Hubei electric power reached 30.09 million KW, a new high in winter. At present, the inventory of power coal in Hubei Province is only 2.2 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 970000 tons. Nearly 70% of coal-fired power plants have reached the warning line, and some power plants have stored coal for less than 7 days. As the rain, snow and freezing weather caused the tension of railways, highways and shipping, the thermal power units with a total capacity of 2million kW were shut down, which increased the difficulty of power supply in the province

in addition, the Jiangsu regulatory office of the national energy administration and the Hunan Economic and Information Technology Commission have issued many urgent documents to further improve the supply of electric coal and ensure the orderly use of electricity

Ye Chun, deputy director of the industry development and Environmental Resources Department of the China electricity Union, told the China Securities News that affected by the national low temperature and cold wave, the heating load has risen rapidly, and the daily power generation has reached a new high. The pressure of power supply guarantee may increase in the future

"on the one hand, affected by the continuous low temperature weather, the coal inventory of power enterprises is in a hurry; on the other hand, the transportation capacity is limited in winter, and the obstruction of power coal transportation is prominent. Affected by weather and other factors, the railway transportation capacity is not fully released. At the same time, due to the multiple protection of the Yangtze River: with software and hardware protection, the water level is low, and the water transportation capacity and efficiency of" sea into the river "are reduced." Ye Chun said

Recently, Huaneng Group, Datang Group, Huadian Group and state power investment group jointly submitted the "emergency report on the current severe situation of coal supply guarantee" to the national development and Reform Commission. The report said that the situation of ensuring the supply of electricity and coal was severe, the coal price continued to rise, and the thermal power sector fell into a comprehensive loss. It is hoped to increase coal supply, terminate the rise in coal freight rates of some railway bureaus, and regulate and reduce coal prices as soon as possible

the report shows that at present, the inventory availability days of some power plants of the five major power generation groups in Northeast China, Beijing Tianjin Tangshan, Shandong, Anhui, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Guizhou, Xinjiang, two lakes and one river, coastal and other regions have been lower than the 7-day warning level. Especially in Northeast China, Hubei, Shandong, Anhui, Gansu, Guizhou and other regions, the inventory has fallen rapidly, and the inventory of some power plants is only available for days. Subsequently, the inventory of power coal in some regions may continue to deteriorate due to the arrival of the spring transportation peak

the above-mentioned documents of Jiangsu regulatory office pointed out that due to the tight transportation capacity and low temperature weather, the inventory of power coal in the province is low. The current inventory is only 7.46 million tons, which can be used for 13 days. There are seven power plants with a capacity of more than 12million kW if the inventory is less than 7 days. Some power plants have experienced load limiting operation due to the shortage of power coal supply, which has an adverse impact on the stable operation and reliable power supply of Jiangsu electric power

Deng Shun, a coal analyst at GF futures, believes that the number of days available for coal inventory in key power plants nationwide in late January was 13, compared with about 18 days in the same period last year. The reason for the tight inventory of power coal this year is that the demand for electricity and heating is relatively strong due to the recent rainy and snowy weather. The railway transportation capacity is limited, and the automobile transportation of coal in the Bohai Rim region is limited due to environmental factors, which makes the inventory of electric coal in the two lakes and one river region tight

Zeng Ming, director of the energy interconnection research center of North China Electric Power University, analyzed that in addition to transportation capacity, coal prices have continued to rise recently and power plant costs have been high. Two factors caused low coal inventories

in order to ensure the supply of power coal and alleviate the operating pressure, the four power generation groups hope to strengthen inter ministerial coordination and local government coordination, and arrange coal enterprises to run at full capacity to ensure production and supply before the Spring Festival. At the same time, it is suggested to continue to play the complementary role of imported coal; We hope to regulate and control the coal price as soon as possible to return to the green range; We hope to coordinate with China Railway Corporation to terminate the coal freight price increase of some railway bureaus as soon as possible

Achieving lightweight while maintaining high performance

the contradiction between coal and electricity remains to be solved

the four power generation groups said in the report that as downstream users of coal, the price of coal is closely related to the cost of thermal power enterprises. At present, coal-fired power plants are facing supply guarantee risks. Affected by the rise in coal prices, many coal-fired power plants have broken their capital chains and face the situation of having no money to buy coal

as of January 29, wind statistics showed that 9 thermal power enterprises issued 2017 performance forecasts, 5 losses in advance and 4 reductions in advance. Huaneng Power predicted that the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company in 2017 would suffer a loss compared with the same period last year, with an estimated loss of 950 million yuan to 1.05 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 807%

Zeng Ming believed that "according to the current supply and demand situation, coal prices may continue to rise. Electricity prices cannot rise casually. Therefore, it is difficult to rely on market regulation alone, and administrative means are needed to intervene." The crux of the problem is whether this material is a repair material code named mont-sh6 or an old problem of the contradiction between coal and electricity. There is no linkage between the coal market and the electricity market, and the deep-seated problem of "market coal" and "planned electricity" remains to be solved. Zeng Ming said, "a considerable number of regions do not have the conditions for coal and electricity linkage in winter, mainly because it is difficult for the coal market and electricity market to linkage."

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